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Social Research

Tailored social research solutions

Social research is increasingly being used beyond academic contexts, to provide answers and solutions to businesses and government institutions that can only be derived from an astute understanding of the social environment. We have in our team established social scientists, with expertise in conceptualising, implementing and evaluating research projects across a wide spectrum; large and small-medium surveys, qualitative in-depth inquiries, ethnographic studies and implementation science interventions.  Contact us for a cutting edge research study that will generate useful insights about the social environment in which your company/government department operates. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Managing relationships

We have successfully conducted an impactful study to help a major company understand their stakeholders, the strength of their relationship with each one of them and the approaches to manage them. Let us help you with your Stakeholder Engagement needs. 

Community Surveys

Data Collection

We have extensive experience in conducting large and medium sized community surveys to understand client satisfaction, and user experience amongst other research topics. We are leading experts in research design, training, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation studies. 

In-depth qualitative and ethnographic studies

Analysis and outcomes

The deputy director at X-axis, Prof Yanga Zembe-Zondi, is a leading expert in qualitative and ethnographic studies. Her body of work includes social and behavioural studies for the corporate sector, in particular some of the major Big Food companies in South Africa.

Are you looking for in-depth studies to provide you with critical insight about your population of interest? Contact X-axis for cutting edge, critical research. 

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