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Community Development

Sustainable Results

X-axis is a leading expert in the development, facilitation and management of CSI projects. We help our corporate partners achieve sustainable social and economic transformation in their communities of interest, by building self-reliance through the implementation of the Self-Help Group Concept. Our extensive experience with rural community development means that we are experts at crafting effective, and evidence based community development solutions that address poverty and disempowerment. The Self-Help Group Concept is a tried, tested and widely approved asset-based development approach, that mobilizes communities of men, women and youth into integrated, thriving, and enterprising social networks, that are able to mobilize their human potential, tangible and non-tangible individual and collective resources for social and economic transformation. We have implemented several successful Self-Help Group programmes across KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga Let us help you achieve your CSI objectives beyond your expectations.


Community endorsement

Community endorsement, is an essential ingredient in the establishment of an empowering relationship between corporate companies and local communities. This process acknowledges the inherent right of communities to scrutinize development solutions that are introduced to their localities, and self-determine if the Self Help Group Concept resonates with their collective value system, goals and aspirations. Once community endorsement has been secured, Self-Help Group programs have the appropriate and legitimate platform to take off and self-sustain. 


Community Partnerships

Once endorsement is achieved through consultation, the ground becomes fertile for the mobilization of men, women and youth into social networks that meet regularly to identify, harness, and deploy their tangible and non-tangible resources for sustainable social and economic transformation. X-axis, through its founder and CEO, Xolani Zondi has mobilized, established, coached and supported hundreds of Self-Help Groups across KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga. 


Turning a New Page

Self-reliance is achieved once Self-Help Groups are brought together and transformed into clusters, which in turn form a federation that becomes a dominant force to be reckoned with when it comes to the development and management of viable, profitable, community owned wealth generating enterprises. X-axis is a leader in the establishment of sustainable, self-reliance projects, because we have mastered the art of bringing communities together towards a common purpose. 

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